SageCRM for Construction

Helping you to manage your business

SageCRM for Construction is specifically designed to help business that sell into the construction sector.

C.P. Moore have developed SageCRM to cater to your lead and sales processes, to increase your capacity to win more projects. By assisting you to manage your sales team and reduce your cost of sales SageCRM enables you to analyse projects form their inception through to deciding which projects to bid on.


  • Easily view the major construction jobs coming up Australia wide and who the Builder, Architect and Design Firm are on each project
  • Ensure you bid on the right projects through knowing which builders, architects and design firms you win the most work with, before you spend days on the sale
  • Enable your sales team to make sure no lead slips through by the ability to use this data as a true sales management tool - prioritising, sales  forecasting, follow ups and document tracking
  • Easily view a consolidated leads pipeline
  • Ability to assign and follow up leads by state/region/project
  • Ability to see the project details and drill to the other suppliers on the project
  • Win/Loss reporting by architect, design firm, builder and more
  • Ability to determine projects and likelihood of closing sales prior to bidding on projects
  • Ability to interface to an Estimating/Accounting systems for quick and easy quotes and orders

Tools to help you track and plan

Lead Project Tracking
  • Lead tracking by project
  • Track other sub contractors bidding on projects, competitors and strategic alliances
  • Lead to sale reporting
  • Increase the number of projects where your products and services get specified by architect
  • Reduce the cost of sales
  • Increase your close rates
  • Know which jobs to quote on and when
Sales Forecasting
  • Forecast by sales rep
  • Forecast by Project
  • Forecast by Product/sales territory
  • Track each project by sales rep and estimator
  • Document storage of quotes and electronic CAD designs
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