Sage Business Intelligence

Easy and affordable.

Easily access the information you need from your Sage 300 ERP solution for improved operations and strategic planning. With Sage 300 ERP Intelligence and Reporting, you can spend more time focused on information analysis and interpretation, and less time pulling the data together.

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Business Intelligence. Simply.

Immediate ROI, the software delivers automated and pre-formatted management packs and other decision-support reports on demand in Microsoft Excel directly from your accounting and/or payroll application.
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The standard report pack includes:
  •      Management Dashboards
  •      Management Account Packs
  •      Sales Master
  •      Purchase Master
  •      Inventory Master

Experience enhanced productivity, performance and presentation with automated monthly management packs. Sage 300 ERP Intelligence will minimise manual, repetitive work done in Excel and ensure your reports have only a single version of the truth. The Drill Down capabilities allow detailed transactions to be accessed with the click of a mouse.
Driving a business to success is easier when the organisation’s vitals are readily available in a dashboard style view.
Various modules present the following benefits to organisations...
  • Administrator Module – this is a gateway to data, offering connectivity to multiple data sources at any time. It is generally installed on the server and holds all the rules relating to how you will extract data.
  • Report Manager Module – this is the authoring tool used to house and write reports. It is generally installed on the server and is a central repository for an organisation’s reports.
  • Security Module – controls access to sensitive information restricting certain users to certain reports. Web Module – provides world-wide secure access to an organisation’s reports through a standard web browser. An excellent platform to share information with partners, suppliers and customers.
  • OLAP Module – designed for high speed analysis of transactional data. Ideal for environments with large data volumes.

Access multi dimensional data within your business with OLAP with...ease!

Analyse transactional data across finance, sales, inventory and other modules, utilising Excel to browse cubes and identify trends in large volumes of data
Excel as a business tool:
Sage 300 ERP Intelligence consolidates data from multiple sources and generates a graphical representation of real-time data in Excel, particularly useful for providing management and executives with an overview of the business.
Most organisations use Excel as their standard data sharing application. Many organisations ultimately export data into Excel from their proprietary reporting tools anyway, so why introduce unnecessary steps along the way. No specific training is required in a proprietary report writing tool. If any investment in training is necessary, it will be in Excel which is considered a global language for reporting and used extensively within organisations, so this investment becomes worthwhile.
Support and training:
Comprehensive product and skills training is available from a network of Accredited Training Centres or if you are too busy to spend time in a classroom or be out of the office for an extended period, choose the course you would like to do from our online academy and complete the course in a less formal manner and when it suits you.
The online courses have great interactive tutorials that will guide you through the process step by step and at the end of each course a skills assessment and printable certificate of completion is available.

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