Sage X3

All the advantages of ERP performance while maintaining flexibility and scalability in a fully integrated end-to-end solution.

Today organisations need to manage increasing volumes of information and this present a challenge when you have less resources and time. The solution is to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to integrate all your information systems into a coherent system where you can manage your processes and reporting. Many ERP systems are complicated, oversized and unsuitable for midsized organisations.

Integrate your Company Management

Sage X3 supports accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, customer relationship, and manufacturing operations concurrently. Information is presented real time wherever it is needed. The system integrates with Microsoft Office allowing users to export and manipulate data in a standard format. You have real-time control and visibility over the activities across the key areas supported by the system which assists in improving your decision making.

Control Processes with the workflow engine

For information that needs to be processed rapidly or under specific conditions the work flow engine makes it possible.

With the workflow engine you can

  • Trigger an event based on an action
  • Trigger the dispatch of emails
  • View work schedules based on customised processes
  • Trigger workflow circuits based on batch processes such as imports or exports

Simple Work procedures for users

With Sage Visual Processes, you can provide a user interface that gives each user a clear view of the task to accomplish in a graphical format driving the user through the different steps. Sage X3 comes with over 100 predefined Visual Processes and users can easily customise existing processes or create brand new ones to fit their roles within the organisation.

Track you key business indicators in real time

The user defined Dashboards in Sage X3 provide up to date information in a graphical presentation to assist in decision making and identifying anomolies.

For further information on Sage X3 and the services that C.P. Moore can offer please feel free to contact us.

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