Sage Accpac ERP for Mining

Bridge the gap between financial information and production through the use of configurable workflows and business intelligence tools. Valuable information is available to you anywhere, anytime from the Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise suite, which includes Sage Accpac ERP and SageCRM.

Sage Accpac ERP Extended Enterprise Suite features:

  • Complete financials with budgeting, forecasting and consolidations
  • Multi-company, Multi-lingual and Multi-legislation
  • Capital project and phase analysis
  • Workflow for procurement and internal resources
  • Document management
  • Transactional analysis, providing costing for processes, sub-processes and equipment levels
  • Business Intelligence with complete Operational reporting
  • Fully integrated Asset Management
  • Planned maintenance and repair schedules for Capital equipment
  • Production and exploration data input with the ability for dimension reporting
  • End to end managed services

Sage Accpac ERP for Mining

Sage Accpac ERP includes a wide range of modules to handle the entire mining cycle, from development to exploration to production and sales. Sage Accpac ERP is a highly configurable solution driven by workflow rules and authorizations to ensure accurate data capture and complete control over budgets. The transactional analysis capability of all modules gives you more in-depth costing information than a simple general ledger.


Sage Accpac ERP quickly and efficiently processes simple data entry requests from the mine to the appropriate cost centres or budgets with built-in, comprehensive authorisation capabilities

The complete workflow process drives accurate data capture, improves decision-making, and reduces potential errors through a built-in authorization trail.

Asset Management and Maintenance

Sage Accpac ERP appreciates the need for capital budgeting and end-to-end asset management. Investments in assets is a significant part of any mining operation, and Sage Accpac ERP offers the appropriate controls over budgeting and procurement.

Asset management is achieved through a configurable set of modules, from asset depreciation and acquisition to auditing and tracking. Sage Accpac ERP tracks the cost of equipment and provides a comprehensive history of all assets, including faults, agreements, warranty claims, return authorizations and a complete audit trail. This makes it easier to predict the asset’s life cycle and financial profitability with full statistical analysis.

Production and Exploration Data

The capture of production data allows users to set up an area or operation against which costs can be tracked, such as shafts, open pits, or tailings. Beneath this layer of costs lies a lower level of processing such as shaft sinking, development waste or stopping (depending on the environment), which is linked back to the top level. Typically, the plant area will track the processing of material from all areas and link it to a sub-component of the general ledger account for reporting purposes only.

Users can specify units of measure for the production data captured, such as meters advanced, tons surveyed, tons hoisted and treated, and carats recovered. This is captured as needed – daily, weekly, or monthly – and linked to the business intelligence suite. Information from the mobile devices is integrated throughout the mining suite to give management increased visibility and operational control.

Business Intelligence

Sage Accpac ERP for Mining facilitates the creation of reports that combine actual vs. budgeted data with complete drill down to the detail level of production data – information every CFO needs.

The financial and production data is audited and approved, giving the Board of Directors comfort that operations and finance are in synchronization. The reporting modules allow for in-depth analysis at any level – right down to equipment or shaft information – which helps mining companies like yours make faster, better strategic decisions.

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