As a valued Sage Customer, you have access to free online training offered through Sage University

Depending on which of the Sage products you have purchased, you will notice a range of courses available to you while you are current on your Sage software assurance plan.
You will also see other Sage product training courses in the university, but you will notice these have fees associated. 

Accessing Sage University

1. The following URL will take you to the Sage University landing page:
To access Sage University for the first time, you will need to register a new account using your email address.
3. On the landing page, click the "Create My Customer Profile" button and complete all fields
4. Ensure you enter your Customer ID in the "Sage Account Number" field. Please note that even though the example shows the ID starting with ‘4’; in the Australia, NZ and Pacific Island region, this is not necessarily the case. If you are not sure of what your Customer ID is, please ask your Sage business partner or email us at:
5. By entering this ID, you will get free access to the online trainingWhere no ID is entered, all courses will be chargeable.
. Multiple people from the same company will be able to create profiles for themselves, all using the same Customer ID, but each using their individual email addresses as their logins
7. Once logged in, you can navigate to either of the Sage product menus and then to any of the courses available. Click on the "Launch" button once the course has been selected and training will commence. You can stop and resume this at any stage, by clicking the "my training" option, followed by the "transcript" option

Find out more
For questions relating to Sage University and accessing your product training, please email us at
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