Simple Add-ons for Sage 300 ERP

XAPI - External Application Programming Interface

C.P.Moore has created various XAPI's to assist in the processing of data in and out of Sage 300 ERP.

An XAPI is an excel spread sheet that contains the fields that are entered into Sage 300 ERP in various screens. This provides a faster data entry system as it allows the user to populate the spreadsheet via cut and paste from other sources, and the creation of multiple entries at a time.
Fields within can be compulsory, or optional depending on requirements for each Sage 300 ERP Module.
Each field is already mapped to the equivalent field within Sage ERP requiring you to only populate fields as required.

Then all that is required is a single click and login to feed that information directly in to Sage 300 ERP.

An XAPI can read data from an existing Sage 300 ERP database providing a full list of data already entered in the system, proving you with lookup capabilities within the sheet.

This also gives you the ability to export and update your master files using excel features, and then write the new data back.
You can enter new data into the XAPI to create new master files in your Sage 300 ERP system.

Sage 300 ERP Security rights are maintained when using the XAPI. Each XAPI requires the user to log into the spread sheet with their Sage 300 ERP Username and Password. If they do not have access to those modules or particular screens and fields the XAPI will not be usable.

Benefits of using an XAPI

• Easy to Use and Customisable to your particular requirements

• Faster data entry and eliminate double handing

• Reduced errors associated with manual data entry

Available XAPI's per Module

Inventory Control  Purchase Orders                    Order Entry
 • Item Wizard • Purchase Order Entry • Sales Order Entry
 • Items • Quick Receipts   
 • Price List & Location Details           
 • Deactivate Items    
 • Vendor Details    
 • Reorder    
 • Item Internal Usage    
 • Vendor Pricing    
 • Item Adjustments    

 • Item Receipts


 Accounts Payable                  Accounts Receivable              General Ledger
 • Vendors  • Customers  • Budget 
 • Remit to Locations  • Invoice Entry   • Journal
 • Invoice Entry  • Receipts  • Journal 12 Months 
 • Invoice Job Costing  • Accounts Payable Contra  
 • Invoice Multi Currency    
 • Misc Payment Entry    

 Project Job Costing               
 • Project Maintenance    
 • Revise Estimates    
 • Cost Take on    
 • Cost Entry    

To enquire about purchasing or require further information regarding an XAPI please contact us via or call on (08) 8333 2888. 

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