Inventory Control XAPI

Each XAPI can be customised according to your requirements.

Available XAPI's for Sage 300 ERP Inventory Control.

Item Adjustment
• Allows you to quickly and easily adjust the Cost and the Quantity of a single or multiple IC stock items.

Item Wizard
• An advanced IC Item Creation Wizard, allowing you to create multiple IC Items in one step.

Items Pricelist and Location Details
• Allows you to set single or multiple IC Item Pricelist and Location information.

Items Read Write
• Allows you to read out all IC Items for mass update, or create new IC Items quickly and easily across multiple Sage 300 Companies.

Reorder Sales Quantities
• Allows you to set the IC Item reorder quantities for single or multiple IC Items.
Vendor Details Read Write
• Allows you to update the Vendor details for IC Items quickly and easily, across multiple Sage 300 Companies.

Vendor Item Pricing
• Allows you to view and update item pricing (and Vendor costs) for a Vendor(s).

Internal Usage
• Allows you to mark stocked items as being used internally.

Vendor Pricing
• Allows you to read out IC items price and sales price per vendor and update.

Item Receipts
• Allows you to return items back to a vendor.

To enquire about purchasing or require further information regarding an XAPI please contact us via or call on (08) 8333 2888. 



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